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We are specialists in residential and commercial hardwood flooring installation and hardwood floor refinishing. We have over ten years experience servicing the hardwood flooring needs of our clients in the Chicago area. Our commitment to service is unparalled in the hardwood flooring industry. We are fully licensed and insured. Our goal is to develop long-term lasting relationship with our clients by providing outstanding service and superb workmanship.

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When it comes to the flooring in your home, you should take all the care necessary to make sure that your floor is made of the best materials and that it lasts a long time. There are many materials that will work wonderfully for your flooring and for all of our other customers as well. If you really care about making your home look beautiful one of the things that you will need to do is make sure your flooring is the best of the best. Our Frank Flooring Company has everything that you need to make sure your flooring in your home gets done right, in any room of your home. We know that our customers deserve the greatest customer service which is why we only hire the most friendly customer service representatives and flooring installers too.

Flooring in a home is always best done when it is completed by professionals. Some of the things that our customers want out of their floor are scratch resistant flooring materials, long-lasting flooring that will not come up over time, great looking flooring that will match the rooms in their home where the flooring is laid down and so much more. Our Frank Flooring Company can offer you and all of our other customers every single one of these things. We take our customer care seriously. In addition, to the great services we provide wonderfully marked prices as well so you will never have to worry that getting new flooring in your home will break your wallet! It never will with Frank Flooring.

Are you tired of the same old flooring in your home? Are you looking to redecorate your home? Do you want to have your flooring color match other items in your room? If you would like to do any of these things then you are in a lot of luck. With our Frank Flooring Company you can have your dream home by getting new flooring in your home. We offer many types of flooring materials for every single one of our amazing customers. In addition, we always make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the service that we get. Many flooring customers do the work that they are hired for and then leave the customer in the dust. Our flooring company is much different than all the rest. We follow through with our customers all the way to make sure each job is done right and done to the customer’s wants and needs.

Are you looking for expert flooring? If you are then you should come check all of the flooring services and great prices that our Frank Flooring Company has for you. We guarantee that you are going to be impressed, especially if you decide to go through with hiring our flooring company to install or change the flooring inside your home. All it takes to dive into new flooring for your home is a simple phone call or a stop into our Frank Flooring storefront.